The Future of Augmented Reality (and You)

Augmented reality is an artificial view of the physical world . It alters our visual experience on an everyday basis. It is defined as a composite, or false view of the world created by computer-generated images, in real time.

Google’s Project glass is the innovation that will be allowing it’s users to know things a person would not usually know etc. the weather, the train/bus schedule, the outside environment. Users that have the command of augmented reality can identify objects and places instantly and receive information immediately. It is breaking the barrier of the conventional desktop and the common laptop. It is basically, the world within the frame of the two lenses.

Through The Conversation’s discussion, Tan Le is mentioned for her work on  a headset technology which has sensors that can identify your brainwave activity. It can trace brainwave cues and identify brainwave patterns that become triggers for actions on the computer. This is a revolutionary shift for human interaction with data and computers. And here we thought, voice-activated technology was the coolest thing that have ever happened. Imagine now being able to draw a painting without holding a brush!

Brands are now incorporating AR concepts into their branding and marketing to capture the interest of users. AR styled Iphone apps are being created to allow the public sphere to explore this world of virtual reality.

some examples of augmented reality can be found here 🙂

With the entire world literally living with smartphones nowadays, augmented reality becomes more prominent than ever as people are constantly connecting and networking on the go and augmented reality will boost and shape the digital world to be more powerful than it already is.

the future is already… here

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